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Important: The tags for the stories may reveal spoilers about the plotlines. The tags may refer to main plotlines with volumes, main plotlines in single stories within collections, or subplots within stories.

Story genres and settings: Genres | Time periods | Locations.

Diversities of character: Ages | Disabilities | Genders | Orientations (romantic and sexual) | Race and ethnicity | Social classes | Spiritual beliefs and skepticisms.

Updated January 2024.

Story genres and settings


Time periods

Time periods listed below consist of imaginary or alternative settings inspired by historical time periods.


United States locations listed below consist of alternative-universe settings based upon locations in our world.

Diversities of character




These categories may overlap because of multiple gender identities held by the characters.

Orientations (romantic and sexual)

In both the Great Peninsula universe and the Toughs universe, the concepts of romantic orientation and sexual orientation do not exist. Instead, those societies hold to the classical belief that (as The Art of Manliness puts it) men's "attraction to, and sexual activity with other men was thought of as something you did, not something you were." (Women's attractions tended not to be thought about at all.) At most, the decision by a man whether to have sex with a man or a woman – or nobody – might be regarded as a strong preference. I've translated these "preferences" into the modern equivalents of orientation. Unfortunately, I've had to leave "aromantic," "heteroromantic," and "homoromantic" off the list because the borderline between friendship and romance is so fuzzy in these universes, by the standards of our world. However, I've included "queerplatonic" to indicate characters in platonic companionships who might be considered either romantic or aromantic, depending on one's perspective.

Race and ethnicity

Racial and ethnic identities in the Three Lands and Toughs universes do not correspond exactly to identities in our world. In the list that follows, I've done my best to provide the closest equivalents in our world. All of the Toughs characters live in their equivalent of the Mid-Atlantic region of the UnitedStates.

Social classes

Spiritual beliefs and skepticisms

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