THE SLASH SKINNY ¶ Publishing News and Market Report on Original Slash ¶ Edited by Dusk Peterson

Cover for The Slash SkinnyThe Slash Skinny is a news and market report on a genre of professionally published literature and art featuring male/male and female/female attraction, original slash. The genre is noteworthy for its strong emphasis on the emotional connections – good or bad – between the characters. It overlaps with other genres, such as yaoi and yuri, gay and lesbian romance, and queer science fiction and fantasy.

Regular columns: Publish news, new issues and older issues, new books and older books, online updates, calls for submission, staff openings, and markets and submission guidelines.

FAQ. Including the all-important question, "What is original slash?"

Reviews. From the folks who liked The Slash Skinny enough to say so.

This market report is edited by Dusk Peterson. Fiction by Dusk Peterson is available, including original slash. Information on original fiction in the fan fiction communities is available at this domain.

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The report is no longer published, but earlier issues are available online.

January 2007 (first half).
January 2007 (second half).
February 2007.
April 2007.
June 2007.


The Master List of Professionally Published Original Slash.

Dead Markets. Listed in detail on this Website so as to leave more room in the report for active markets.

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Publications covered in this report vary widely in what age of readership they are aimed toward. A few of the sites linked in this report are intended for adults only. Sites' warning pages are linked to when available, but the absence of a warning page is not necessarily an indication that the site's contents are appropriate for minors. For this reason, parental guidance is strongly suggested.


Dusk Peterson is an author of mainstream fantasy, gay historical fantasy, and contemporary gay fiction, and is also editor of a gay e-zine, True Tales. Peterson's Website offers fiction, resources on GLBT history and literature, and resources on original fiction in the fan fiction communities.


E-mail may be sent to Dusk Peterson.

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