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Please take a few minutes to send the authors of each of these fics feedback after you've read them, even if it's just to say 'Hi, I liked your fic, thanks for writing it.' Show them that you appreciate what they've taken an extended period of time to complete. When authors are aware that all the hard work they've done is appreciated, they often in turn will be encouraged to write more, which is what we all want.

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By Amaretto
    Treasure : In Progress
    Guest Review by fei-yen
    I find this fic on par with Sundering Saga. Treasure (for me) is Amaretto's best fiction. The characters are engaging, and the story riveting. There's a teaser (or synopsis) at the website. For now it's still at chap 14, the updates though are regular. and although the synopsis and first few chapters seem to focus on Takara and Raiden - they're not the lead (which makes it enthralling to read cuz you never know what will happen next). 
By Ann Somerville
    mdbl's Update : 
    Since the release of Kei's Gift, Ann Somerville's world of Periter has grown considerably. Her writing is always of a high caliber, and it is always a pleasure to spend a day reading one of her stories. I am always amazed by her growing cast of characters and stories, as somehow she always manages to pull them out of the darkest dark and make them shine in the end. It's also amazing how quickly she can manage to update consistantly with a full new story. Some of her stories are now available in print, which is well worth the cost when you want to be able to curl up any time with a good, m/m book. 

    Kei's Gift : Complete
    Guest Review by Tarayith : 
    Set in the fantasy world of Periter, 'Kei's Gift' follows the campaign of one kingdom to conquer another and the struggles of two men on different sides. Kei, a healer, and Arman, a general, are the main characters and the story follows their evolving relationship as a sub-plot to the main plot (or possibly vice versa, depending on which way you look at it!) The opening few chapters are long-winded and a little awkward but the pace quickens in later chapters and the writing loses its faults. Definitely worth reading. 

    Falling From the Tree : Complete
    "Sixteen years on, a boy on the cusp of manhood has some difficult questions to answer, and Arman must face things he had hoped to put behind him. Both must discover the secrets that tie them together." 

    Staying Power : Complete
    "A young army officer foreswears love and seeks adventure, but gets more than he bargains for when he leads a scientific expedition to a wild and beautiful land." 

    Freely Given : Complete
    "Kei and Arman's early days in Darshek. Set before Falling from the tree, but best read after Staying Power." 

    Landing Softly : Complete
    "The story of what happened to Jembis after he leaves the palace. Set during and after Falling from the tree." 

    Bearing Fruit : Complete
    "Two decades of peace have brought rewards both personal and public. But the arrival of someone from Arman's past will threaten all that, and force Kei and Karik to make choices once again." 

    Home Ground : Complete
    "Wepizi faces a new challenge." 

    mdbl's Update : Ann Somerville has been busy expanding the story of Jerna, which I'm advertising here. These stories are wonderfully moving and powerful. 

    Games : Complete
    "A little side/post script story to Remastering Jerna. Mawe finds herself caught up in a dark, confusing game." 

    Consequences : Complete
    "A sequel to Remastering Jerna and to Games. Ria to the rescue." 

    Needful : Complete
    "A sequel to Consequences. Love in all its forms, and the price to pay for it."

By Blind Scribe
    Slave's Vengeance : Complete
    Guest Review :
    This is one of those stories that's short and sweet but has a lot of meaning. The story is about a young slave named Kaam who has been traumatized by a rape and sets out to seek vengeance, but the more power he amasses to reach this goal, the more uncontrollable his vengeance becomes. The plot is exciting, the characters are believable and the setting is amazing. I love how this story is not only a very well written slash fic but has an interesting moral, kind of like a fable. It's a bit dark and has a tragic ending that is just too appropriate. This story is perfect for a dark, cloudy day when you're stuck home alone. . . . I think Blind Scribe is doing a whole series (with different characters) set in this fantastical world she introduced in this story. As for me, I can't wait for more.
By Caleyndar
    Divinitas : In Progress
    Guest Review : 
    Phoenix is accepted to the prestigious school of Genesis, where he wants to make a name for himself other than 'his parents' killer'. What he discovers that this school was the very one to create him that name, in order to lure him -- back? -- Found under Chronicles. Phoenix and the other characters are well-rounded, and it shows. This story, while not having the best writing style in the beginning doesn't let you go because you keep wishing that there would be some sort of closure for Phoenix, but there never is. This story seeks to break every moral that comes its way, and it does, spectacularly. The writing style which opens the story isn't very experienced, but it progresses to something akin to professionalism, although even in later chapters some awkward sentences find their way. A dark, fast paced story with a gripping plot that makes you think about what's right in life, and what exactly makes it right. 
By Delilah deSora
    For Lord and Land : In Progress
    Guest Review : 
    An excellent writer with a talent for making complex worlds seem real, this is one of her best works. "Ardel Aidan is the current emperor of Ardae. Like his fore-fathers Ardel is under the curse of the dragon blood flowing in his veins. If a new Leviathan is not found to cool it he will go insane." Lots of smut, but a great fantasy story as well. Her site gives a much better summary. 
By DevilKat
    Wizard and Warrior : In Progress
    Guest Review : 
    Author's description: "Sword and Sorcery slash. Keith and Carson are the reincarnation of the ultimate wizard and warrior; they've been yanked into the alternate reality that is going to need them for something desperately heroic once they gain their full powers. They've been somewhat physically changed to adapt to this new environment. It's almost an elaborate version of those Ultima computer games where a modern-day guy was pulled into a fantasy world, except, uh, they screw a lot." Well-written, lots of fun, and really long. We're at part 26 with at least 3 more to go, although it's not clear how many more sections she's planning. And these are long sections. Updates are frequent, about once a month, although there's no schedule. Despite the length, this is pretty light stuff; lots of humor, lots of romance, a pretty loose plot. The only serious part is the sex. And lots of it. Great fun. 
By Jesse Hajicek a.k.a. Chartreuse
    The God Eaters : Complete
    Guest Review : 
    Think a teeny bit of tech mixed with fantasy mixed with an old Western. Got it? Good. That's all the warning you'll have. Dive into a truly original novel-length fic. I'd advise reading it extremely carefully, otherwise you're going to get lost. The charaters are easy to like (or in my case love) the world is real and the culture (a sort of psuedo-Native American) enthralling. Some of the technical bits are off and you'll find yourself wondering where that third hand came from, but it's easy to get past. The setup: Two hot rebels being sent to a prison to be experimented on. They strike up a friendship and magic happens. The escape. The chase. The conclusion. But it's a lot more complicated. There are only about two true R sex scenes. Highly recommended. 

    mdbl's Review : 
    The guest review is spot on for this wonderful novel. The cast of characters live and breathe through a plot and setting that starts out deep and just keeps getting deeper. And all of the technical descriptions had me swooning with happiness. I literally could not stop reading until the end. Also be sure to check out the original online comics as well from the author's main page. 

By Jo Chan
    Cal's Tale Book 1 Book 2 : Unfinished
    mdbl's Review : 
    Fantasy was the first genre that hooked me into books. Now I search for good, original fantasy online when my favorite authors aren't doing anything new. This story was based on a NPC RPG character that took a life of his own. Jo's world confused me at first, but I soon figured it out, and was amazed. A high level of magic, adventure, and destiny are mixed into this story, adding to the complicated main character as he fights to survive.
By Linda/Deirdre
    Inochi : Unfinished
    mdbl's Review : 
    I first read Inochi on the Crimson Ink mailing list. At first I was not quite sure if I wanted to read it. It was in first person point-of-view, and takes place in a Japanese setting. I tend to have a fit if people misrepresent the Japanese way of life, having taken their notes solely from anime. But then I began to read, and was hooked for forever. All of Linda's characters are so vivid and alive with their individual personalities and the quirks of their races. Linda has done a lot of research and it shows, and she has descriptions that are just poetic. Inochi is about the young character of that name, set in the times of medieval Japan, mixing in myth and magic. Because he is half-youko and unwanted, he is sold by his brother into slavery, which starts him on a journey to find his past, present, and future, while discovering the power to survive against cruelty, slavery, demons, and other forces. Inochi is a very enduring character; any other author would have made him weak, but instead he is very strong. I respect Linda very much for not making him a stereotypical uke/bottom character that can't stand up for himself. Already the story is over fifteen chapters and still going strong. Linda will be getting back to her wonderful fic soon, and I can't wait for her to do so. 
By Magic Rat
    A Strange Place in Time : In Progress, Password Protected for certain chapters
    Guest Review by Fiona Glass
    This ongoing story, following the adventures of biker John Arrowsmith after he accidentally rides off a cliff and wakes in another world, is by turns warm, funny, inventive, surprising and deeply involving. The writer effortlessly keeps the reader turning the pages and the characters, including the master-thief Infamous, are nicely-drawn and nice without ever being goody-goody. Although the initial premise might not be the most original ever, the way things turn out most certainly is! My only complaint is that the slash element is a long time coming (so to speak <g>), although it is hinted at earlier. 
By Midnight Firemist & Devilkat
    Treasure : In Progress
    Guest Review by Kendal :
    When a friend of mine first recommended "Black Roses" I was more than a little skeptical. She told me it was about vampires, demons, and Angels. What kind of mix is that, I thought? But I humored her and started reading. I have to tell you, it's not like anything else I've ever read. Don't bring any preconceived notions with you on this ride, it's all very original. It's somewhat dark and a little violent at times but don't let that stop you. It's very well balanced, and the main couple are epic. It's complex and yet easy to follow. You'll be hooked after about the third chapter. It gets off to a slow start, but once the good stuff starts happening, it just keeps on coming. The authors do leave you hanging for months at a time, but its worth the wait and chapters are usually very substantial. This is my favorite story of all time. 
By Pam Nullany
    Dynasty of Ghosts : Complete
    mdbl's Review : 
    Special thanks to lavender for recommending this fic. I stayed up all night long reading this. I needed to find out what happened next, and I didn't expect it to be as long as it is. But it's long--very long, and I can really admire Pam for sticking with it. This part of the story has ended, but Pam has announced a second part on the way, which I'm looking forward to. It's a romantic story about two young men from different social classes meeting and getting mixed up in a whole mess of war, politics, personal values, social pressures, ghosts, and matters of the heart. The relationship between the two protagonists is painstakingly developed, with a ton of dedication and effort, and her characters are deep and intelligent and engaging. There are a few grammar mistakes here and there, and very long sentences with loads of minute details, but considering the length of the story, they don't matter. She also warns of sap, but (unlike the majority of the stuff that's out there) it's good sap. I've only skimmed it so far because I couldn't help myself, but I plan to go back, take the time, and read it word-by-word. 

    Bloodraven : In Progress
    Guest Review by Persephone aka Rosa
    When I saw that Dynasty of Ghosts had been recced, I sort of wondered why no one decided to rec Bloodraven as well, so here I go. No one hurts the boys like Pam do, and Bloodraven seems to be the perfect example of that. A spectacular mixture of rape and brutality, slavery, angst and just a dash of romance, Bloodraven is one of those online originals you'll surely break yourself over, trust me on this one. Apart from a few spelling errors here and there, like some of Pam's other works, her whimsical (not to mention, accurate) take and portrayal of the world of human slavery, blood-letting and blasphemy will leave you begging for more which is replacement enough. Mind you, Bloodraven isn't the fic for you if you're in the least squeamish and/or moral. Plenty of defiling in this one by ogres and halflings alike, but don't let that chase you away. Yet another brilliant work of literary art by PLN. Overall summary (as not to confuse you): A very brutal look into a young man's introduction into the world of slavery at the hands of invading ogre forces. Make sure to email Pam and tell her how much you adore her. 

By Pluto
    Tarnished Armor : Unfinished
    mdbl's Review : 
    When I wasn't paying attention, Pluto came and dropped this bomb on me. And when I read it, I wanted to die of envy. This is how I always wanted to write fantasy, with the wonderful cast of characters, the politics, the elaborate setting, and the engaging, original plot. The story is about a knight and his past, when he befriends the king of the bordering country and his own country manipulates him as bait, with a war on the horizon. The relationship between the characters is developed wonderfully, as well as the intriguing politics that complicate their lives. 
By Raz Nic an t-Saoir
    Upon A Time Undone : In Progress
    mdbl's Review : 
    The world of fairy tales has always been characterized by the words "and they lived happily ever after." The only problem is not everyone is happy with the results of those Ever After laws. This story is a wonderful parody on fairy tales, as a strong-willed Princess searches for the means to stop the Ever After laws, ruining classic fairy tales in the process, to the vexation of the Raven King. It begins as a formerly enslaved Fae escapes a city in the midst of a Cinderella tale, and ends up in Sleeping Beauty. But this Sleeping Beauty has a different ending in mind. The wide cast of characters are great fun, and I find the concept of the Ever After laws fascinating. The author has added a new twist to fairy tales, much like the online comic series No Rest For The Wicked, and I couldn't be happier. I love stories that are able to modify the tales we grew up with, and come out with something funny and enchanting. I also enjoy the emphasis on the plot, the slow-building romances, and the Princess who schemes and bets to get her friends and comrades together. My only problem is that the scenes when they are traveling through the lands and countries is underdeveloped and rushed, and I am uncertain on distances and such, but it is easy to ignore for the sake of the plot. I hope the author continues this story soon; I am waiting for it eagerly. 
By Reyna
    Ephebian Paradise : Unfinished
    Guest Review by Briel
    There are 12 "books" in this series. Each one deals with a character that you've already met i.e. Jamie's best friend gets his own plot. The first is the war triggered angst-ridden general and the strange foriegn swordmaster. There are two main countries in this (almost) traditional fantasy world. One is conservative and homophobic, the other is refreshingly free and happy. You pretty much stay in the conservative world, but that's okay because you get to experience multiple coming out disasters. The descriptions can get a little too florid. Especially the clothes, it's all about the clothes. In one case the Evil Man is just stuck on as an "Oh. Plot." afterthought. These books are passably written but get better as it goes on and addictive so be prepared to spend a lot of time at this site. 
By Sahari
    Tiger Prince : Complete
    mdbl's Review : 
    Tigers and panthers and eagles, oh my! Sorry about that. Anyway, one of the first original fics I found, Sahari has created a whole new world and society in this fantasy story about a boy in another world, ruled by animal men and women. It's been a while since I've read it, but at the time, I liked the romance, the angst, the smut. I just wish she could have done a bit more with the caste system. I sure do love plays on politics. She's also currently working on a sequel, so be sure to check that out, also. 
By Thera
    Absolution : Unfinished
    mdbl's Review : 
    Now this, this I know was the second original fic I ever read, way back when. Thera's rewritten it since then, but the main aspects of it have remained the same. A romantic story about two people that probably shouldn't be doing that, it also involves a large amount of angst when one character is literally changed. It also involves a theme of what happens when two different cultures meet. It's sweet, angsty, and has been around for a few years now. 

    Angelika : Complete
    mdbl's Review : 
    I'm not even sure if I like this one. Yes, it has a LOT of angst mixed in the romance, but I just can't force myself to like it. It's a fantasy story about beautiful boys, winged things and smut, but the reason why I have it here is that it deals with same-sex reproduction, a subject that I find beyond daunting. In certain ways, it reminds me of Storm Constantine's Wreaththu trilogy, although no destiny themes, which was a relief. Along with Absolution this one has also been around for a while. 

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