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Please take a few minutes to send the authors of each of these fics feedback after you've read them, even if it's just to say 'Hi, I liked your fic, thanks for writing it.' Show them that you appreciate what they've taken an extended period of time to complete. When authors are aware that all the hard work they've done is appreciated, they often in turn will be encouraged to write more, which is what we all want.

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By Chantrea Johari
    Vicarious Pain : Complete
    Guest Review by Briel
    Ahhh teacher/boy love. Except the teacher is sometimes controlled by a former lover through psychic means and the boy is an empath. Children are being raised at a gov't facility to do the dirty work once they turn 18. The writing is sometimes a bit teenagerish, it's obvious that the writer is developing a style of their own but not quite there. Some of the plot is questionable but the characters are likeable and well-rounded, for the most part. Be warned that though the story lists as finished it's more "chopped off because the author wanted to finish something and to get the whole story you'll need to read this unfinished sequel." It ends with a cliffy. A shocking one. 
By Lori G. & V. Watts
    Immortal Nights : In Progress
    Guest Review by Briel
    A RPG gone wild. It's got vampires and New Orleans. What more could you want? But this isn't a Rice novel. The writing is easily read and the characters will grab you and the plot just keeps on twisting. Both main characters are likeable (while still being slightly evil), well developed, and the sex is hot. It's long. Very long. The story has been divided into two books and the second one is still a WIP but there are recent updates. 
By neichan
    Heretic : In Progress
    mdbl's Review :
    This is the story of Smamacasca, a half-goblin half-ffey of noble blood, as told in first person POV. Observed by both courts as abnormal and unwanted, Smamacasca seeks his rights as a noble in the goblin court and is forced to act in the capacity of a full adult while still a child. Secluded through his own choice and assuming the respected role of historian, he is approached by his cousin the ffey King, who petitions him to undertake a task in the human world. The author updates consistantly, and the worlds and cultures contained in the story are intriquing. I have categorized this under Supernatural, as the author describes it as, "an Alternate History fic of the Anita Blake genre." The fic warnings promise it to be very dark, which I'm looking forward to. More recently, some of Smamacasca's and the other characters' actions and dialogue do not seem to relate the immediate sequences, as they are pulled back and forth on a yoyo of unceasing revelations. It's as if the author is trying to rush through to the "good" parts, leaving me confused and hanging. Still, I'm waiting to see what will happen to him next, and how the main plot will play out as Smamacasca begins his saga.  
By TotemWolfie
    The Howling Series : In Progress
    mdbl's Review :
    Special thanks to valore for recommending this fic. 
    This series of stories is about a pack of five teenage werewolves as they live together in the same house and come up against the challenges of Were-Hunters, other werewolves, vampires, a semi-psychotic werewolf within their own pack, ancient mysteries, as well as high school drama and abusive foster parents. The story mostly revolves around the central character, Luke, as he begins to have dreams of being attacked by wolves, clashes with his legal guardians, and discovers that his biological brother is a werewolf. And that he'll be one, as soon as he manages get over his fear of wolves, and to actually change into one. I'm confused as to how they can get away with taking Luke away from his legal guardians when he's still a minor without the law getting involved, and the names of the main werewolf characters are cliché (Raven, Grey, Fox). Also, anything bad that can happen to Luke does happen. But, the action is fairly reliable, the angst doesn't stop, it has good dialogue, the characters start getting more rounded out as the story progresses, it's updated with new parts consistantly, and the sex is hot. I particularly like how the triangle relationship has developed between some of the characters. If you're in the mood for lots of supernatural teenage angst with sex, check it out, but beware Tripod pop-up ads. Or switch to using Mozilla's Firefox browser. 

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