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Please take a few minutes to send the authors of each of these fics feedback after you've read them, even if it's just to say 'Hi, I liked your fic, thanks for writing it.' Show them that you appreciate what they've taken an extended period of time to complete. When authors are aware that all the hard work they've done is appreciated, they often in turn will be encouraged to write more, which is what we all want.

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By Agtant
    The Quicken Tree : Unfinished
    Guest Review by Briel
    The author says, "A gay love story set against the background of the international horse show competitions of dressage and three day eventing." While the characters are not memorable, nor realistic (re perfection), there's entertainment to be had. On the whole while it's not spectacular it is nice. The writing is decent and easily read. It hasn't been updated in a long while and is most likely dead. This is something to read when you are desperate and not too choosy. 

    From a previous review, source unknown : 
    The love story is nicely subtle; not a lot of sap, a fair amount of angst, and lots and lots of detail, both horsesy (we ALWAYS get the proper name for each piece of tack that's mentioned) and psychological. Not a smutty fic, although definitely rated R. 

By Janette
    Smoky : Unfinished
    mdbl's Review : 
    Ah, now this was a fic that Janette surprised me with. A work of fiction, outside of her expansive Black Widower world. Smoky deals with the rebirth of troubles from the past when a man goes back to his home, with his live-in girlfriend at his side, and is confronted by his former best-friend. I love the tone of this story--it really puts you within the setting of North Carolina. I look forward to more of this drama from Janette. 
By Jeanne Johnson
    Untitled : VCity ID Required
    mdbl's Review : 
    A short (horror? mystery?) story, this one warped my mind. I thought I had it figured out, and then it turns into something completely different. I do like well done surprises, and quickly ranked this as a damn good mind fuck. What is it about? It's about hallways that defy all laws, doors into the different times, and two old friends. I'm still trying to think it through. 
By Peccavi
    Gravity Of Love : In Progress
    Guest Review by Janette
    Gravity Of Love is about Gavin, a young man who works for Ren, his "caretaker" who rents Gavin out to anyone and everyone. In the beginning of the story, Gavin is the victim, trapped in this life by the price he paid to have love. Ren's love. What he didn't realize was that love also meant ownership.To ensure the ownership, Ren manipulates Gavin by alternating affection with abuse. This includes purposely renting him out to Ren's business partner and sometime fuckbuddy, Mannix,a sadistically massochistic man who gets off on inflicting pain on Gavin. But things begin to change for Gavin when he meets David, a young man who has the same relationship with Mannix as Gavin has to Ren. As he falls for David, he learns that love doesn't necessarily mean ownership. This story has great characterization and you'll find yourself rooting for Gavin as he begins to take fate into his own hands. 
By Peregrine Vision
    Tripper : Unfinished
    Guest Review by David Nunes da Silva
    A man falls in love with a street walker. A plot you have heard before. So has the man. Even the street walker saw the movie. And that is a lot of what the story is about – the emotional binds of the plots that we carry in our heads. And in this case it plays in a dark, eerie underworld of rats, drugs and salvage – light in the deep shadows. The author is also an artist, and it shows – in attention to details as well as to hue, shade, and tone. Even the most minor character has a personality, and the scenes are drawn with an artist's eye – a few brush strokes to build an image that tells the story. 
    Note: There are five parts posted, although only four are shown in the contents – the fifth part can be reached from the fourth. And I assume more parts are planned, since there are hints of earlier events, of secrets not yet revealed. 
By Raz Nic an t-Saoir
    First Person Perspective : Complete
    mdbl's Review : 
    A group of five British students and friends have to work on a Lit project for their course. Sounds simple, right? Told through the point-of-view of the main character Blake, he and his friends decide to do their assignment on a trashy whodunit novel (instead of the lesbian vampires science fiction) and wake up in the middle of the murder mystery of the fictional American Norrington family. Together they must work to solve the case before a dead body shows up, as Blake draws closer to their prime murder suspect. The mystery is wonderful, not dark and angsty like stereotypical fics, but filled with smart, dry wit and realistic pacing. The plot and the characters develop tons of depth and suprises, despite some characters starting out flat, and relationships are perfect. There's also plenty of humor through the antics of the characters, and you can't help falling in love with them. Even the displacement into the novel is very good, skipping most cliches to let the plot all come together naturally. The characters reactions to their situations are completely believable and fun. The American characters use British slang a little, which threw me off, but it's not that noticable. This is one that I'll be reading over and over again. 
By Thera
    Exit Running : Complete
    mdbl's Review : 
    The cop story that I wasn't expecting from Thera. Well, it's more than just a simple cop story, as it tells the tale of a hardened cop and the two law breakers that steal into his personal life as well as professional, adding a plot of drama to the mix. I've heard it was inspired by the manga/anime Fake. However the story came into existence, I'm still wondering when she's going to write more. 
    Angel Eyes : Complete
    mdbl's Review : 
    A romantic story, Angel Eyes is about two young people meeting, and how they get involved in each other's lives. A bit short, a bit quick, the story is told in only nine parts, but I liked the aspect that one of the characters was blind. I haven't seen many fics that have dealt with characters that are handicapped. 
By Red Jester
    The Life of Puppets : Complete
    mdbl's Review : 
    Has it been popular to write cop stories lately? Well, that's unfair, this has more of a crime focus than a cop focus. But at its base is a detective story searching for the reasons behind an ugly homicide. The story jumps into the past to uncover the answer, as we come to know a boy used to the rough ways of the city, and how he meets and gets to know the ins and outs of another boy who also happens to be a known hired killer. The main character has a few quirks that make him so human and rounded, which is a definite plus. A few grammatical mistakes here and there, but they don't detract from the story itself. And Red Jester write in third person POV in a way that almost makes me think it's first person, which I like. 

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