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Please take a few minutes to send the authors of each of these fics feedback after you've read them, even if it's just to say 'Hi, I liked your fic, thanks for writing it.' Show them that you appreciate what they've taken an extended period of time to complete. When authors are aware that all the hard work they've done is appreciated, they often in turn will be encouraged to write more, which is what we all want.

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By Cassiel
    Entwined : Complete
    Guest Review by Briel
    An anti-social loner who "weaves" games in the looms (think internet with a brain jack) and a bassist addicted to a destructive drug. Add a giant corporate conspiracy and you've got a novel (or three.) A brilliant little fic that seems to go by too quickly without enough depth, that's a complaint until you realize there's a sequel. I really liked reading this and the author said that the final book in really in progress, not dead. Though the characters in the first book aren't very fleshed out you will still fall for them. Despite the lack of background and everyday details on the character it's easy to imagine them living their life. 

    mdbl's Review :
    It's been so long since I've read this one that I can't remember it, other than it was a good, inspirational sci-fi fic with a cast of intriquing characters in an imaginative setting. This is the first book of a trilogy, and she's in the process of writing the third book. Very cool. 

By Janette
    Black Widower : In Progress
    mdbl's Review :
    The acclaimed Black Widower story about characters that like the taste of blood. I didn't quite know where to put this story--fiction? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Since the setting is supernatural cybergoth, I decided on sci-fi, but don't let that fool you. It has a bit of everything, and her characters will grab you and never let go. Black Widower is about a young prostitute that isn't quite average, the wild boy he meets, and the world that swallows him. This story involves a large number of politics that Janette reveals as the story develops, in the new complex society she has created. Also check out her side stories to BW, to find out more about other the other characters of her world. 
    Changing Fortunes : Complete
    mdbl's Review :
    This fic takes place in the same universe as Black Widower, featuring the characters from BW, but it follows two new protagonists. Janette keeps surprising me with the challenges she takes on. First, this is in third person point of view, as seen by the main character Cam. Second, she's taking on a new kind of plot, which she's had to research over. Cam and Balint are freelance assassins who take a retirement hit on a teenaged boy who isn't as he seems. The pace of the story steams right along through startling information, wonderful character interaction and development, and tasty sexual encounters, then smacks you in the face with hard-hitting cliffhangers. The information that is revealed to Cam gives further insight into the workings of the BW world, but don't be fooled, because this fic can stand on its own, too. Ten plus chapters later and I still haven't been able to predict what will happen next. 
    A Dart's Flight : Complete
    mdbl's Review :
    How to describe this one? Don't look for smut in this one--rather, it has plot to take the place of any smut, in this futuristic adventure by JT. A less-than-ordinary, technologically advanced man is on a mission, searching across dimensions for keys, and runs upon a group of fighters trapped in a war zone between two companies without aid. At first, I was bored with the story with all the technical details and got confused from the lack of defining marks between parts, but after I got into it and read to the end, I was surprised that I liked it. It focuses on being real/true to the story and the characters. It's also annoying that the story appears in duplicate on the page, which confused me at first, and I haven't found out what the keys are, but oh well. 
By Manna
    The Administration : Complete
    Guest Review by ryuuta : 
    The enchanting, detailed descriptions of The Administration universe conjure up a thoroughly realistic authoritarian world for the characters to struggle, suffer, love and scheme in. It is actually a collection of finished shorter stories and novel-length writings with relatively standalone plots (all in all over 1500 pages by now), whereas the character development is carried out in continuous, psychologically believable succession throughout. The feeling of flesh and blood personae is what I found to be the most gripping, not to mention the lustrously delicious sex scenes and generous amounts of angst. It may be a slow starter but once you really get going it's hard to stop reading. 
By Myranda Kylis
    Rules of Engagement : Unfinished
    mdbl's Review :
    I always wish she had finished this one, but I still devour the written parts even without the ending. This one is sci-fi to a high degree. It's definitely an adventure, as a man looking into the past, dealing with (somewhat) lost love becomes an unwilling pawn and fighter involving a mega-cooperation, religious zealots, and clones in an interstellar battle. Lots of politics to muck in, which I love, and the dialogue is witty. It's also one of the few first person POV stories that I enjoy, next to Black Widower. 
By Quartoze
    Mount Robillard : Complete
    Guest Review : 
    Clones, rebellions, and crossdressers oh my! Decently written and HIGHLY entertaining. A grief-stricken boy. An out of place clone. And several side stories. It takes place at a rebellion stonghold (Yup. You guessed it. Mount Robillard) and you slowly get to know all the charaters involved. There are the personal relationships then the rebeling system idea to contend with. It's sometimes a bit silly, and at times it's shameless cliched fun. So don't go into it looking for angst. 
By Rushlight
    Pathfinder : Complete
    Guest Review by Briel
    A teen-aged boy living in an anarchic city of the future, he has psychic abilities that are wanted both by the remnants of the gov't and the gangs that control the city. In order to control his talents he must find a Guide, the genetic compliment to a Pathfinder. The story seems to be missing something, something like a 40 chapter sequel. It reads well, and I got emotionally attached to the main character. It IS complete in itself but leaves room for many sequels and reads vaguely like a prologue. 
By Tavam
    Mother : In Progress
    Guest Review by Janette
    Mother is a dark fic about a young man who finds out how the son must pay for the sins of the mother. And father. If you like psi-vamps and futuristic horror with a touch of magic and evil, you'll love Mother. 
    The Node : In Progress
    mdbl's Review :
    I love this one, and eagerly wait for more. Every time I read it, it reminds me of a scene from Joan D. Vinge's Catspaw. This one is about an unlucky young man who needs to find a suitable job, but powerful forces have their own manipulative plans for him in a setting of the future. The main character is very well developed, and the hired killer/hacker drama plot makes me envious of Tavam. I wish I had thought of such a plot, I wish I could write sci-fi like this. 

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