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(As originally composed by mdbl.)

If you'd like to send me a review to add, the requirements for submitting reviews are :

It must be an original online story featuring male/male attraction. (This means no reviews of published books or book excerpts.)
It must be an intelligent review of the story, not just a summary. (Remember to be critical as well as supportive of the story. We want to hear the good and the bad.)
No self-recommendations of a story you wrote. That is self-promoting which wouldn't be fair to others, since I don't promote stories; I only recommend them. (But it's perfectly acceptable to get your friend to write up a review to submit.)

If you've read the requirements, please e-mail me, supplying the following information:

1) Title of the story.

2) Author's name.

3) Status. (Is it complete, in progress, or unfinished?)

4) Genre. (Is it fantasy, fiction, science fiction, or supernatural?)

5) Link to the story.

6) Link to the author's Website.

7) Your review. (One paragraph long.)

8) Optional: additional information. (If you would like me to link to your Website or e-mail address, please indicate this. Also, please say which name you would like listed for you as a reviewer.)

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