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September 2005

>>> True Tales: Gay Leather News, Narratives, and Fiction

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True Tales is currently offering daily updates on the effects of Hurricane Katrina on leatherfolk. See the Hurricane Katrina Report. Note that there is a very nice "Hurricane Relief Fund" logo there based on the leather pride flag. Its designers are allowing anyone to use the logo.

As noted on the What's New page for this domain's leather sites, the August issue of True Tales is a retrospective on a famous issue of a gay leather magazine that was devoted to the eroticism of disabled men. Here are a few of that issue's offerings:

FICTION: Other Bodies. By Michael Agreve. The erotic secret that gay men keep from each other, brought out into the open.

POETRY: The Deformity Lover. By Felice Picano. A man searches for what others pass over.

NONFICTION: Maimed Beauty. By Mark I. Chester. What can you do when you stand out from the crowd? . . . An updated version of the author's erotic narrative.

FICTION: Choices.By Aubrey Hart Sparks. A moment of truth occurs between a top and the leather titleholder who wants him as his daddy.

Plus, a couple more of my narrative news articles. Full details are available in the table of contents for the August issue.

>>> News on Fiction Sites

Sorry about the delay in the next installment of Michael's House, folks. Hopefully, the publisher of MAS-Zine will be able to get the issue finished once she completes another magazine project she has to work on. I will also have a leather novella from the Loren's Lashes series in that issue.

Note that installment #2 of Michael's House (published in May 2004) is now available in downloadable format from MAS-Zine. I don't currently have any plans to place the installments online (other than the first one, which is already online) because I have a faint hope that I might be able to persuade a publisher to show interest in the novel.

Other fiction projects got delayed this summer due to my work on True Tales and real-life events. However, I will be taking a break from True Tales between October and April and plan to work primarily on my fiction during that time: leather fiction, male homoerotic fantasy, and mainstream fantasy.

June 2005

>>> Home Page

The layout of the domain has been changed, with all of the sites now linked from subdirectories, for easier navigation. The domain's home page lists the subdirectories. If you get lost, visit the site map, which is now arranged alphabetically.

The new subdirectories are: Fiction | Nonfiction Resources on Genre Literature | Resources for Blind and Partially Sighted Readers | Journalism | Religion and Ethics | Essays.

In addition, the home page lists three subdirectories that already existed: Leather Sites | The Literature and History of Friendship, Romantic Friendship, Romance, and Sexuality | Dusk Select.

>>> Master/Other

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All of the stories at this site deal with ethical issues, and some deal with religion. For those of you who are interested, there is now a list of the religions mentioned in Master/Other stories.

The following contemporary story has been added:

Accessibility Information for truetales.org; Or, What Slaves Do When They Aren't Cleaning Toilets. Gives a new meaning to the term "cybersex." (Off-site link to True Tales.)

>>> News on Fiction Sites

No, I haven't stopped writing fantasy stories. :) The latest installment of Michael's House (unavoidably delayed at the publisher's; I submitted the installment a year ago) will be announced soon. For those of you who follow my off-Web ventures, I continue to plug the first Eternal Dungeon novel to publishers and to work on new stories in the series. And those of you who have read "Mystery" at Master/Other may wish to know that I will be working on stories in that series . . . if I can pull my Muse away from Leather in Lawnville and Loren's Lashes. (Tug, tug.)

>>> News on Leather Sites

Given the amount of overlap between this updates page and the leather sites updates page, after this update I will only be posting updates to my non-leather sites here. However, I will note here whenever leather fiction updates occur on the other page.

>>> True Tales: Gay Leather News, Narratives, and Fiction

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Those of you who read my leather fiction may wish to know that the above-mentioned site has been moved to a new domain and expanded into a magazine that carries narrative news, narrative nonfiction, and fiction. Any fiction by me that may get published there will be linked from Master/Other, and I will post notices of that here.

However, if you're interested in nonfiction narratives, you may also want to know that the magazine will regularly publish my narrative news – that is to say, accounts of leather events that are described in a manner similar to fiction. The April issue carried my account of a leather flea market – including an erotic passage or two.

Moreover, the magazine will carry fiction by authors other than me. There's a new issue up now, with two stories in it: David C.'s "Cruel Fate" (which I've already recommended at Buried Treasure) and "Tryout at the Bondage Club," by the wonderfully romantic leather author, david stein.

>>> Buried Treasure: Online Male Homoerotic Fiction Recommendations

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A new satire has been recommended: Gloriana Reginata's Macius and Quiaius: The Historical Evidence.

The entry for Parhelion's Cirrus and Sundogs has been updated with a recommendation for a new story, "Hearth-Devil." I've also updated the links to Parhelion's site, as the URLs recently changed.

>>> GLBT Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature: A Web Directory

The following links have been added:

Gay Science Fiction. A basic encyclopedia entry from Wikipedia, with links to entries on a select number of authors.

Schwuler Held gewünscht? Homosexualität in Fantasy-Romanen. A German-language page on homosexuality in fantasy novels, with some author links. [Bibliotheka Phantastika]

>>> Topman: Online Writings by and about John Preston

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The What's New page of this site has been updated.

April 16, 2005

>>> Leather in Lawnville

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The following story has been added to this site:

Clothesline. "You can tell a lot about a guy from where he shops." An encounter with clothesline at the Lawnville 5&10 leads the narrator to discover his neighbor's secret fantasy.

>>> Buried Treasure: Online Male Homoerotic Fiction Recommendations

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A new Satires and Parodies section has been added with David Doty's "Gallant is Aroused; Goofy is Horny," Ian Philips's "Toad" and "Foucault's Pendulous," Silvernutmeg's "Paradiso del perverse," and Wombat's "The Funny Stuff."

April 8, 2005

>>> Buried Treasure: Online Male Homoerotic Fiction Recommendations

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A link to a narrative poem has been added: Pat Califia's The House Boy's First Day.

>>> Male Romantic Friendships in Historical Photography and Literature

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The following book has been added to the site:

Bachner, Evan. At Ease: Navy Men of World War II.

Review at Bay Windows.

Review at The Boston Phoenix.

Review at Metro Weekly. Illustrated.

Review at the Washington Blade. Illustrated.

January 27, 2005

>>> Buried Treasure: Online Male Homoerotic Fiction Recommendations

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Links to two more stories have been added: David C.'s Cruel Fate and Remy's Pride.

Links to two more novel excerpts have been added: An excerpt from Diana Gabaldon's Voyager and an excerpt from Mary Renault's The Last of the Wine.

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